You got to admit that page loaded pretty darn quickly


But what's up with that?

Well that is precisely the point. All of this stuff keeps coming at us faster and faster, more and more, here there and everywhere.... hopefully that "Blank Page" was just enough of a break, a pause; to give you a chance to consider how amazing WEB pages and all this current communications stuff is.

So; Welcome to this,

I cannot begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for you to finally get here. Please pardon the mess, there is still quite a bit of construction going on around here and if things go right there always will be. When will it be completed? As soon as I can possibly manage, and the way that has worked out so far, well let’s just say it is definitely coming soon.

So what the heck is this place?

Well, it’s a gathering of some original projects I have worked on for several years now. One sub grouping is called ‘Brainstorms and Runaway Thought Trains’ and perhaps that’s the best way to describe the entire collection. Most of it is still bouncing around in my head but this could very well be a place where a bit more of it trickles out.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and tell your friends about it.

Please know that you are more than welcome back anytime.

I’ll leave the lights on.


Depending on how you got here you can explore the “runaway thought train” a bit further by selecting a track directly below.

Large Screen Option

Desktop, laptop even most tablet size Operating Systems and displays. I highly recommend this for a more comprehensive experience.

Smart Phone

Still a bit rough, I’m working on getting this part of the site fully functional and smart phone friendly. Sure it can be set up with automatic header code that identifies the type of device you landed here with and I am working towards that happening some day. At present I have it hard coded and linked so I can set up phone size displays a bit more directly or at least perspicaciously.