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...this is where PartA is first introduced. The predominant character of Indian Summers and Seven Love Songs is a masculine humanoid or “masculoid” being simply called PartA. He is introduced as a seemingly harmless, even child-like character that spends most of the first three segments of the film like a raft adrift in a sea of one situation and circumstance after another. The character (emotionally and attitude-wise) builds and solidifies through the proceeding segments until a solid, forthright and significant individual is created. The Gungabings and several other surprises also manifest in this segment of scenes.

As the story unfolds there will be a great deal more to this Reading Script (Working Text) continued link as well as the many following Acts. There is a complete script and treatment that was penciled out on legal pad and ‘typed’ out on a typewriter then copied and bound for a limited edition initial release. Maybe I'll get a good OCR program cooking and get that type written text transposed for here.

But alas;
that is still 'coming soon'

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