ISASLS Spacey intro continued

OV------ (Old Voice)


YV------ (Younger Voice)

...well yes, you know; gasses and dust suspended somewhere out in outer space at the very center of what we call the known universe, primordial cosmic stew pot where it all began


Where what all began?


Everything as we know it to be my good man.




Yes everything, and it all; and we are such a small part of it all yet all of it is a big part of us, but: do we exist because of it or perhaps it exists because of us? That; as a matter of fact, is a philosophical debate not a scientific point of reference it's not at all like the great debate as to whether the universe is still constantly expanding or exploding if you will, or whether we have already reached the grand apex and it is now imploding or contracting back in upon itself science and Physicists’ still haven't got that one completely figured. It's like ….


Wait a minute, wait just a garldarn minute, it all began how?

(.....the conversation continues with layman technology of the popular scientific explanation of the origin of the universe. Opening titles and credits are dissolving in and out on a pitch black background a low mechanical hum begins to fade up on the audio. Small sparkles of light begin dancing in the lower right of the screen and slowly begin to move towards center. When YV--- states “...The Big Bang" there is a deafening boom and the screen explodes with swirling colors and a highly orchestrated version of The Long Song intro begins to fade in on audio….. )


Gasses and dust hungh?


Absolutely! That's where it all began

OV--- ..

,.. Well, that’s just fine and dandy son. Sounds like you got it all worked out, but; there is still one little thing I don't quite get. One more little nagging question…


I will be delighted to answer it for you.


... Just one little detail Can you tell me son, where did the gasses and dust come from?

( --- The orchestration has been evolving into a very rhythmic, almost marching beat as images of a known universe have started taking shape. We are traveling through it almost floating with it as the narrator (a new voice- a heavy booming baritone bass) begins a deep, resonating monologue,)


Of all the stars most are doubles, multiples, or clusters which appear to bum as one
Of all the stars of all the stars we can see
Only one in four truly travels alone
Double stars, such as the couple Ucephi spin so closely together that their equators are distorted in a constant gravitational struggle with the very fire that makes their light burn so bright
With Triplets such as Zeta Cancri, the couple struggles to make their way as the third star; their satellite orbits the pair every one thousand two hundred and fifty years. Each is magnificently illuminated, yet seem to burn as one to the naked eye

Of all the stars, of all the stars
Giants dwarves pulsars and quasars
Yellow white blue and red
Old nova new and dead
Of all the stars: most are doubles, multiples, or clusters which appear to burn as one
Of all the stars of all the stars we can see only one in four truly travels alone

(---- a big yellow star has entered the screen and various colored and sized globes are orbiting it We come to a Big Dry Grey Moon as the yellow star appears to set behind it a Little Wet Blue Ball rises from the darkened horizon of the crater pocked silhouette and then revolves slowly to one quarter center screen…)

Narrator :---

Of all the stars there is but one in four but of the seasons there is one more
It is a time that comes by surprise

(--- The title
Indian Summers fades up on screen)

Narrator :---

It is the season I found In your eyes

(---- and then the title
Followed with a very slight delay
Seven Love Songs
Fades on then all intro title text slowly rolls off top of screen fading slowly)

(--- A mountainous terrain has come into perspective on the blue ball which now covers one third of bottom screen. The moon slowly sets behind the terrains: silhouette and the big yellow ball slowly rises flooding dramatic light, a high speed time lapse type FX, over the jagged peaks that are now rolling to almost three quarter screen. We close in on a snowy peak and slowly follow it down to a close up of melting droplets falling into a small stream. The guitar track of the audio is fading in to prominence on the audio track. We pan to follow the flow of the stream gradually gaining momentum as we truck with it until a wild ride down the mountain side, flying inches above the growing stream, through the flickering almost lightning like light of the timber line into ever denser forestation ……, )

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