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Original Main Page

An advanced web page process developed over fifteen years ago but still functional (so far).

Alternate Main Page

If the Original Main Page does not work for you or is a discombobulated display.

Halloweenie Flash Roast

A five minute animated flick that is making it’s way to film festivals and competitions around the world in 2020. This page is about the audio processing but more about other production processes is coming soon. There will be more about the fantastic FLASH application that is breathing it’s last on the web right now. Flash will continue to be honored around here, now and well into the future.


Links to personalized external sites (more and more coming soon)

AEE Editing Journal

Adobe Education Exchange NLE Premiere Pro video editing projects performed in the summer of 2017.

FMT Shorts Album

A collection of live action shorts written and produced by a small group of media enthusiasts in Tucson, Arizona.

Film Freeway Halloweenie Flash Roast Project Page

A preview / trailer is available at this point as the complete flick is currently dedicated to festival screenings and competitions.

Facebook page

Because resistance is futile. Other Social Media will become available if I absolutely have to.