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the 1 out of 4 introduction)

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The one out of four multifarious models

There is a multitude of philosophical, mystical and contemplative thought processes revolving around the ‘one out of four’ conundrum. In the literal descriptive context there are the four seasons, the four trade winds, the four directions of a compass etc. Native Americans placed a spiritual context on the number four and considered it in the context of a universal balance of the natural world. I cannot recall exactly where I read that about the Native Americans, I know it was a hardbound book, anyhow; when I come across it again I will definitely explore that thread a bit deeper.

Getting on with the literal descriptive context, there are the four hemispheres of our planet and in an even more stellar sense of our known universe, the statement that of all the stars there is only one in four that travels alone. Most of the stars you can see in the night sky are multiples or clusters that revolve or orbit around each other with only one out of four that truly travels alone. There’s more on that elsewhere here, as matter of fact, it is part of the opening scenario and narrative for the Indian Summers and Seven Love Songs movie.

So wazzup with all this one out of four stuff?

Well, I’m honored you asked. The design here is to deliver complete artifacts employing a one out of four model of conception. This site and my modus operandi as whole are currently divided into four sections; visual, sounds, words and image. Prepared correctly any one of those four can stand on their own but it is in amalgamation that a truly moving presentation can be accomplished. One way to describe that is if you take a sound and add some rhythm it can become music and when you add lyrics it becomes a song and layer that into a video with graphics and special effects and a truly moving image can be created. The total image (video) is an artifact in and of itself yet it required the audio and visual elements that most likely started out as words as in a conversation or verbal exploration of concept and even the actual text of the production outline and script. Then again, there are those viral videos that capture a quick yet complete and total image that only required pointing the camera in the right direction at the right time and place.

Around here there are basically three methods of producing the one out of four elements; analog, digital or a combination of both. That is why I have “framed” the four items with my as pure to the discipline as possible, analog and digital productions. To the far right is the “Duckies and Bunnies Show” a project that was conceived in a purely digital environment and will be produced in as close to entirely digital as can be accomplished. To the far left is the “Indian Summers and Seven Love Songs” animated film that was conjured up pencil to paper, acoustic guitar to analog cassette tape, etc and will be produced in as true to a purely analog circumstance as is possible these days. You can find out more than you will probably ever want to know about either one of those disciplines by following the “Analog” and “Coming Soon” (Click Me Please) digital theatre links directly above. There are a multitude of other original scripts, stories, screen plays, and stage shows etc that are in various stages of development that involve varying degrees of digital and analog processing but these two projects are centered in the most comprehensible digital or analog format.

Bet you’re sorry you stumbled into this by now, but; since you’re still reading this you must be interested enough to wonder where this all goes from here. Well me too, and that’s where the “What's New?” hyper link on the intro page will really play in. Just please remember that what that and any other hyperlink around here links to will most likely only be a one out of four interpretation or element of a truly moving image.