The Projection Booth

This is a 14 min or less (or more) original story and soundtrack. It is my aim to produce it in a completely digital context, if that is even possible. I say that because even with all of the digital tools available it will be somewhat of a feat to entirely eliminate the analog processes. Consider how many brilliant digital productions originated as scribbles on a napkin. I know; there is most likely an app for that now but I doubt the convenience and over all utility of the napkin will be completely eliminated by digital applications. The debate of digital and analog audio visual is discussed by far more experienced eyes, ears and minds than my own yet it is my objective to become as accomplished as possible in that arena. No matter how many expanded compositional avenues are propagated by digitizing my guitar tracks, it still seems the most fluid and emotionally rewarding paths are discovered when I pick up the old acoustic and just fiddle around. The point is there are obvious advantages and short comings inherent to both digital and analog techniques; the idea is to utilize the very best of each to create a more than worthwhile final production.

Duckies and Bunnies on stage

The Exclusive World Premiere Presentation


Duckies and Bunnies

Semi-pro Buffalo Show

The story that somewhat conclusively addresses the time honored debate

'What came first
the bunnie or the egg?'


'..if I play my guitar in cyberspace
and there is no one around
does it make a sound?'

The conclusion to all this confusion is the complexly simple statement,


"....dreams seldom if ever, just come true
you gotta' do what you do
until they catch up with you"

DnB Landscape

As production continues on this animated saga of incredomagnatious proportions; working clips and movie segments will be offered here for your platform specific downloading delight (popcorn and sodas not included).

Working scripts, soundtrack, story boards, posters, lobby cards, etc., to this and several other original Toons (and Tunes) are coming soon...

It is my intent to present this film- story in chapterialized segments much like the serials at the motion picture houses from 1912 or so into the mid 50's (or so). You know, the good ol' days when the price of admission to a feature presentation included a short cartoon or two, maybe a newsreel, and the soap opera like cliffhangers of the ongoing adventures of Flash Gordon, Buck Rodgers, The Lone Ranger, G-Men, and others *, and you did not have to take out a second mortgage to afford popcorn and soda's.

Unless indicated otherwise (" * "), I reserve all rights to © copyright and retain full and legal ownership to all contents of these pages. I grant license (freely and exuberantly) for personal / individual viewing and entertainment. For any use of this material other than the immediately aforementioned; please feel free to contact me.

*Flash Gordon, Buck Rodgers, The Lone Ranger, G-Men, and others © and/or ® of Universal, Columbia, Republic, or Mascot films. Used here with grateful acknowledgement to past endeavors of mammoth if not incredomagnatious proportions.

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